Veteran Owned

About me

Story of the Worm King…Myles Stubblefield is the founder of BFLO Worm Works, whose mission is to demonstrate kindness to the Earth and community. The company turns organic streams (waste) into valuable natural resources to safeguard our souls and plants.Myles is a Army veteran (combat medic68W). Selfless service and personal courage remain his North Star and guidelines to life. Service to animals, community and the environment is where Myles had found the most authentic peace and happiness within.He is now on a mission to share that happiness with as my people as he can. The young entrepreneur is thrilled to work hard to solve problems with innovation and creativity. He is proud to dance to the beat of his own heart of peace and love to all.

Why Us

  • Dynamic Speaking: Educational engagements
  • Adaptive Operations – Unique diversion, indoor vermicomposting facility, and
  • distribution networks.
  • Culture of contribution
  • Regulatory Compliance: NYS law and regulations
  • Minority owned & Veteran operated.


  • Food Scrap / Organic Waste Collection
  • Corporate Organics Waste Consultations
  • Workshops & Farm Tours
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Classroom Learning
  • Composting
  • Vermicomposting

Products Offered

  • BFLO Super Soil (Worm Casting)
  • Compost Worm (Bed Run – Live collections includes cocoons, juveniles, breeding adults)
  • BFLO Super Soil (Worm Casting)

Clients and Partners

Our Testimonials

Beth Ruthenberg
Beth Ruthenberg
Great place for worms!
Brenda Leah Norman
Brenda Leah Norman
Courtney Ponville
Courtney Ponville
I bought worm castings and they were a 10/10. I needed beneficial insects for my no till bed and it gave me everything I needed. All my beds showed how much they appreciated the quality with stellar growth! I’m very happy with my purchase and I recommend anyone reading this to grab some for your garden.
Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard
Just picked up my worms and super soil today. I’m a new gardener and BFLO WW guided me through determining how much product I might need, and advised me on future application. They had great communication, flexible pick up options, quick turn around, and even brought the 50lb bags of castings out to my car and loaded them in for me. Their worms are active and happy, and my kids had a blast watching them wiggle in their hands. I will be applying my castings to my raised beds shortly and I am sure my plants will thrive. Will be working with them again in the future.

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